Terms & Conditions: Discount Offers and Vouchers

These terms and conditions apply to discount offers and the use of vouchers and are in addition to any other terms and conditions specified in the offer or voucher (“Voucher Terms”). These Voucher Terms were last updated on 5th October 2020.

Make savings on your purchases by using Vouchers.

Vouchers may be made available to you by us or by selected affiliate websites. They entitle you to a saving off your shopping ("the Voucher"). Each Voucher will explain saving and how it works. They are activated by entering codes into the checkout section of the Bakers Market website towards the end of your purchase.

What type of Vouchers are there?
Money off your basket value Vouchers

Entitles you to money off your total basket value. The Voucher will state the amount that will be deducted from your basket value, how much you need to spend to get money off (if applicable), Voucher codes, in which order to use them and the Voucher expiry date. Where the Voucher does not state a minimum spend, you must spend a minimum of £50 to be entitled to redeem your Voucher. The order total, which you must reach to qualify for the offer, is inclusive of VAT but exclusive of any delivery charges.

Product Category Vouchers

For Product Category Vouchers offering money off products in certain categories, the discount will only be applied to those products or products in those categories as stated in the Product Category Vouchers.

Product-specific Vouchers

Entitles you to money off particular products, or in some cases, a free product. The Voucher will state which product or products it applies to, the saving you make (if applicable), the Voucher codes, and the Voucher expiry date. Products are subject to availability, while stocks last. If the product for which you have a Voucher is not available and we deliver a substitute the Voucher cannot be used again or against the price of the substitute.

Free delivery Vouchers

Entitles you to free delivery. Once you have chosen a delivery slot and checked out, the delivery fee will be reduced to £0 when you input the free delivery Voucher code. Where the Voucher does not state a minimum spend, you must spend a minimum of £50 to be entitled to redeem your Voucher.

How do I use the Vouchers?

You can activate the Vouchers by placing an order and entering the correct code appearing on your Voucher at the checkout stage of your order process.

Follow the Voucher instructions

Remember you must follow the instructions on your Voucher and must use the codes in the correct order. If you get it wrong you will receive an automatic message telling you which error has occurred. If you get an error message please check the Voucher instructions and try again.

What are the applicable periods to the Vouchers?

Each Voucher should state when it is valid from and when it expires and you must place your order during this time. For example, the Voucher may expire 8 weeks from the date you PLACE your first order, or 8 weeks from the date you RECEIVE your first order, or by a specified date. The Voucher and/or Voucher code will expire automatically on the expiry date stated on the Voucher.

Are there any circumstances where the offer cannot be used?
  • The Vouchers only apply to goods purchased on the www.bakers.market website, and may not be used at any other internet site. It may not be used at any retail outlet or store whatsoever.
  • The Vouchers cannot be combined (unless otherwise indicated) but can be combined with general product promotional offers appearing to all customers on the Bakers Market website.
  • The Vouchers cannot be applied to past orders made with Bakers Market and cannot be backdated or redeemed for cash.
  • You may only use a Voucher that has been assigned to your account. You may not use Vouchers that have been assigned to another customer's account, and you must not pass your Voucher code on to other customers for use on other accounts.
  • Bakers Market reserves the right to withdraw or terminate any of its Vouchers at any time, either as a whole or for specific delivery areas. If this happens, then the Vouchers may not be used for any orders placed after the date of withdrawal or termination.
  • Bakers Market reserves the right to reject the use of a Voucher where fraud or breach of these Voucher Terms is suspected. Under these circumstances, Bakers Market also reserves the right to cancel your order and suspend your account. In the event of order cancellation of suspension of your account, you will receive a notification via email and will be invited to contact us on contact@bakers.market
  • If your account is suspended, it will remain suspended until you contact us on contact@bakers.market and remedy any breaches of these Voucher Terms which are capable of remedy.
Will all customers receive the same offer?

Bakers Market may from time to time run different customer offers or Vouchers, with different terms (including amounts, types and expiry dates). Bakers Market reserves the right to limit the applicability of any particular offer to specific regions or delivery areas. Different offers and Vouchers may be run simultaneously.