Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is BAKERS MARKET?

    Bakers Market, hosted on www.bakers.market is the UK’s first online market place for lovers of fresh bakery products to find, order, securely pay and either pickup or home deliver from their local bakery’s online store.

    A service which quickly and easily gives bakeries their own online shop with secure payment, click & collect and home delivery options to help grow their sales.

  2. Who is behind www.bakers.market?

    www.bakers.market is a collaborative effort led by BAKO North Western (Group) Limited and Vida Technologies Limited. The marketplace aims to support and help sustain the British Baking industry through

    • stimulating nationwide demand for fresh bakery products
    • helping UK bakeries to digitise their business models

  3. Who can join www.bakers.market?

    Any bakery can join. You do not have to be a customer of BAKO.

    Since most consumers don't tend to drive too far from home for their bakery needs, you don’t have to worry about attracting more competition.

  4. Who will use www.bakers.market?

    UK online shoppers who love fresh bakery products.

  5. How do I register my interest in joining www.bakers.market and getting my own online store?

    Send an email expressing your interest to contact@bakers.market. One of our team will then contact you to discuss and see how we can help.

  6. Is there a setup fee?

    No. There are no setup fees on any of our plans.

  7. Can I cancel my membership at any time?

    Yes. If you ever decide that Bakers Market isn’t the best platform for your business, simply cancel your membership on or before the 15th day of the prior month you wish to cancel.

  8. How long are your contracts?

    All Bakers Market membership plans are month to month unless you sign up for the 'Premium' plan with a half-yearly or an annual membership.

  9. Can I change my plan later on?

    Absolutely! You can upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time.

  10. Do I need IT skills to create my www.bakers.market online store?

    No. You do not need any IT skills, or have to purchase ‘IT-things’ like website domains, or negotiate credit card payment fees with the payment processor, Stripe.

  11. Where is my online store hosted? Should I be concerned about data security?

    www.bakers.market is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS), a subsidiary of Amazon that provides on-demand cloud computing platforms to individuals, companies, and governments.

    AWS provides security-specific tools and features across network security, configuration management, access control, and data encryption.

    AWS environments are continuously audited, with certifications from global accreditation bodies.

    Customer consent will be sought and all data will be managed with strict GDPR compliance. Periodic GDPR related audits will be performed.

  12. What information do you need from me to set up my online shop for my bakery?

    We will require the following information from you as part of the process to get your online store up and running:

    • Your bakery’s story and its location
    • The products you want to sell including their description, price and photographs (don’t worry you don’t need a professional photographer)
    • How you want your home delivery or click & collect service to operate
    • Payments and banking information for an account with the payment processor

    We will supply simple Microsoft Word and Excel templates for you to capture your information to share with us for uploading to your bakery’s online store. If you do not want to use the templates and prefer just emailing stuff, we will work with you.

  13. What training will I get?

    Once your online store has been built you will be remotely trained by our team in how to use your online store’s Dashboard, which will help you to:

    • View and acknowledge new customer orders (self-refreshing)
    • Update order status (processing, ready, picked-up)
    • Update your product menu, pricing and availability
    • Payment settlement information

    If you have specific requirements on how you receive new customer orders (for example by emails only), we will work with you and customise to suit your existing workflow.

  14. What support will I get?

    One of our team members will handhold and support you and your team on phone during the set-up process till you are operating comfortably.

    From then on, we will provide you with email support for ‘Pay as you grow’ tier and ‘Starter’ tier. We will also provide you with a contact person for ‘Premium’ tier memberships.

  15. How long does it take to get my online shop up and running?

    Depending upon how quickly you can get the set-up information we need and the complexity of your operations, it will take between 2 and 10 days to get your online store up and running.

  16. How do I get paid for my customer’s online orders?

    • www.bakers.market uses an international, well-established and reputed payment processing platform, which means we support the electronic transfer of money from your customer's bank into your bank account as payment for the goods they have bought from you using their credit or debit card
    • The payment processor is certified as a PCI Level 1 Service Provider, which is the most stringent level of certification available in the payments industry
    • Payouts are processed weekly on the day fixed by you and funds typically reach with 1-2 days of payout. Detailed dates of payouts and estimated arrival in your accounts are available to you through the dashboard
    • Payment processing is included in your initial training

  17. How can you help me with marketing to my local customers?

    Our team will create unique digital images (jpeg or pdf) for you to use in your own local marketing through your own web site, Facebook or Instagram social media pages, forwarding on WhatsApp and printed flyers.

  18. What other features will be introduced to bakers who are present on www.bakers.market?

    • Home delivery through 3rd party delivery carriers
    • Promotions and marketing
    • Mobile app & Loyalty scheme

    A detailed feature list is available on request. Please send an email to contact@bakers.market

  19. Is www.bakers.market a platform where you advertise businesses BAKO supply? Or is it a website where consumers can buy a bakery’s products through BAKO?

    • Membership of www.bakers.market online market place is not restricted to only bakers supplied by BAKO. Any bakery can join www.bakers.market
    • Consumers buy from your individual bakery’s online store, hosted on www.bakers.market, and not through BAKO
    • www.bakers.market is advertised as a website where a consumer can find their local bakery AND then seamlessly, be able to buy and pay for products from the bakery’s online store to collect or be delivered
    • So, from a bakers point of view, it is a service that gets you up and running to be able to sell your products online and offers you a place on the online market place www.bakers.market
    • After placing their first order, your customers will be able to access your online store directly, rather than going through www.bakers.market
    • You will also be able to put a link on your own web site, or social media pages to click through directly to your online store
    • Alternatively, if you already have an online store, this can be linked to www.bakers.market, to help you benefit from online shoppers attracted to the site wanting to buy fresh bakery products

  20. Can I contact you if I have more questions?

    If you have more questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Send an email to contact@bakers.market. One of our team will then contact you to discuss and see how we can help